Clean Room Solutions | Products
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Multilayer modules

When sell multilayer modules for the installation of clean rooms, you can, built your walls and ceilings yourself, set up facilities suitable for food production, packaging or supplements manufacturing. When purchasing only modules, the standard width of the item is 1200 mm in length depending on the need and made upon request.

Fittings and holders

If you need, you can always get all the necessary fittings for the existing premises in our company. All the necessary accessories are assembled only from the highest quality elements. Most of them are always in stock.

Control equipment


We produce, install and sell clean room control equipment, it consists of a monitor, sensors, a control program – everything is sold only together and is compatible with the customer, Also comes with an input-output control system, alarms for an unlocked door, etc. The equipment can be installed for newly constructed clean rooms, or we can upgrade existing ones. You will always know who and when were or are in clean rooms. Door management system – works on the principle of adding cards, each employee has his own card and constantly uses it to walk from the room to the room. Visitors arriving or visitors within a few minutes create a visitor card that allows you to enter the designated premises, as soon as the guest leaves facility, it is canceled as quickly as it is created.

Packaging and transportation systems

LS Consult offers solutions for your production, not only for drugs or food supplements, but also for the production of creams and shampoos. We can, according to your needs, design and manufacture equipment, that will make your production more productive, reduce labor costs, make the production process more accurate, and help you save on raw materials.

“SagiCofim” products

“SagiCofim” presents itself as “air experts”. This brand specializes in the production of air filters for companies. Most goods are manufactured in Italy and exported worldwide. Over 20 years of work, “SagiCofim” has built up a wealth of experience, trust and international recognition. “SagiCofim” products are extremely high quality and durable. The company offers a wide range of products, so every customer can easily find exactly what they are looking for. These filters are also distinguished by the purpose of the company and the clean room class – from air valves to activated carbon filters. “SagiCofim” units are non-standard, customized and room-specific. Due to the environmental and energy requirements of the front label, the products are reliable and durable. The company employs state-of-the-art technology that respects both man and the environment.

Rubber Fab

Rubber Fab Technologies Group was founded in 1995. Rubber Fab’s first product that went to market was the Smart Gasket® and the business has been growing ever since!

In 2008, Rubber Fab have expanded the business to include an o-ring division, a clean room for product testing, and more room for creating new & innovative products.

2016 became part of the Garlock Group. The Garlock family of companies is acknowledged as the global leader in high-performance fluid sealing and pipeline protection products for industry and infrastructure. Garlock products are at work in many critical and highly regulated industries, including Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Chemical, Oil & Gas, and many others.

Rubber Fab is the leading innovator of high-quality sanitary gaskets, hose, hose assemblies, tubing, pump, and filler machine components in a wide range of high purity.

Rubber Fab manufactures, market, and sell specialized trademarked products such as Tuf-Steel®, Tuf-Flex®, Torque-Rite®, Smart Gasket®, Detectomer®, ADI Free®, and Smart Clamp™.