Clean Room Solutions | Cleanroom Laudry
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Cleanroom Laudry

Our Cleanroom laundry team understand the rigorous requirements of working in a Cleanroom or a controlled environment and can provide a complete solution for all your contamination control needs.

Cleanrooms are subject to particularly strict hygiene and decontamination regulations. This places specific demands on the associated cleaning and decontamination processes.

What is special about a cleanroom laundry?

There are two major differences between a cleanroom laundry and an industrial laundry. In a cleanroom laundry, for example, the loading and unloading from the washing machine and dryer, as well as the finishing folding and packing of the cleanroom clothing is all carried out manually, whereas in an industrial laundry this is done automatically. Very strict guidelines exist with respect to checks, cleaning, and quality as well as the number of particles and germs.

We have cleanrooms with ISO categories 5 and 6.